Basic Design Kit 1

480 €
  • Basic responsive
    design start-guide
  • Logo creation
  • + Cross-platform add-on libraries
  • + Guided follow-up (tutorials + F.A.Q.)
+ Responsive design start-guide
We guide you step by step.
+ 1 logo creation
We create your logo, in a dynamic responsive design.
+ Additional Resources
The support library allows you to access the different resources, in other words, the different files that you will need on the different platforms that you use for your work.
+ Guided post-installation (tutorials + F.A.Q.)
Do you need more information and advice? Check out all of our comprehensive resources online.
We remain at your disposal, in case of major difficulties.

As a programmer/Developer,
just focus on your work optimization...

We take care of the rest!

Basic Options


Within the framework of the basic options, we take care of the basic elements realization of the graphic start-guide.

This leaves you more time to focus on quickly integrating those elements, into your project development process.


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